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Honda Goldwing History
The Honda Goldwing motorcycle was first introduced at the Cologne Motorcycle Show in October 1974. A liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine, which revolutionized motorcycle touring. While this first production version of the now famous Honda Goldwing was ultimately deemed a success, it's place in the world of motorcycling was not entirely cast in stone at the beginning. Part of the reason for this was the fact that the Honda GL1000 didn't really fit properly into any particular motorcycle class, even though it was officially tagged as a touring bike. For the complete history with pictures view our Goldwing History page (coming soon!).
Honda Goldwing- GL1000
The first model GL1000, introduced in 1975 and last produced in 1979. It was marketed as a touring bike, but was considered by bikers as a bare bike. But Windjammer- a motorcycle accessory manufacture, made fairings and luggage, which added a touring feeling to the goldwings. In Honda's last year they did offer their own saddlebags, trunk and accessories (but it did not include a fairing).
Honda Goldwing- GL1100
First introduced in 1979 and was made until 1983. It was similiar to the 1000 but with some improvements. The engine was the same but was bored to a 1085, and the old ignition system "points" was changed to electronic ignition and the suspension was upgraded to an air adjustable system, a first for the touring bike industry.
In 1980 Honda introduced the "Interstate" version of the Goldwing which had factory trunk, saddlebags and fairing. Another first for the touring bike industry.
In 1982 the "Aspencade" was introduced, same as hte interstae but with more options. Standard accessories- AM-FM radio and two-tone paint. Available options- floorboards, chrome and CB radio.
In 1983 Honda added a few options to the GL1100, LCD dashboard, anti-dive forks and a newly designed transmission. Other improvements were larger trunk, seat and footpegs were redesigned for comfort.
Honda Goldwing- GL1200
First introduced in 1984, the Goldwing was great improvement. It had a newly designed 1182cc engine. The frame was larger and was stiffened for a smooth ride.
In 1985 the GL1200LTD was introduced. It was more technological based, incorporated standard electronic ignition, electronic fuel injection, auto-leveling suspension, intercom system(driver and passenger), cruise control, more marker lights, two-tone paint, improved seat, higher rated alternator, rear seat speakers, a Panasonic stereo with Dolby, better instrument panel, and a very sophisticated trip computer.
In 1986 the SE-i was introduced and replaced the LTD. It's improvement where a 500 watt alternator and a new two-tone color (white and beige).
In 1987 SE-i was removed. But some of it's features were placed on the Aspencade- intercoms, cruise control and upgraded stereo system but the fuel injection was not continued.
Honda Goldwing- GL1500
The GL1500 was a turning point for Honda and competed very well with Suzuki (Calvalcade), Yamaha (Venturi XII) and the only competition was the Kawaski (Voyager). The flat 4 cylinder engine was replaced with a 1520cc flat 6 cylinder engine, which was carbureted and had a solid state digital ignition.The improvement was a quietier engine and was more powerful. The body was encased more fully which gave it a sleeker look. Another improvement was a reverse gear, a life-saver.
Only model was made between 1988 and 1990.
In 1990 Honda introduced the SE model, it incorporated trunk spoiler, tw-tone paint and few other features.
In 1991-1996 the Interstate was introduced, it was a basic bike- no-frills radio, no intercom and no adjustable foot pegs.
In 1991-2000 the Aspencade, it was almost the same as the SE, but did not have a cb radio, no two-tone paint, upper rear spoiler and a few other items.
Honda Goldwing- GL1800
In 2001 the GL1800 was introduced and was a great success. I had a new engine- a fuel injected 1832 engine and the weight was decreased from the GL1500. The frame was made of high strength aluminum and had fewer individual parts. Another added feature was the ABS brakes which allowed for a safer ride.
In 2005 Honda produce the first production motorcycle airbag system.
The 2006 model had engine air vents, heated handlebar grips, seat heaters, headset cables and a in-dash GPS system.
Honda Goldwing- Valkyrie
In 1997 Honda made the Valkyrie which was a labeled as a "Standard Gold Wing". It has a higher performance engine than the GL1500. The Valkyrie Interstate had a trunk, saddlebags and a full fairing. These models were removed due to slow sales afetr the 2003 model year.
In 2004 Honda released the Valkyrie Rune, which had a 1832cc engine and was very stylish.
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